Temperament, Professionalism and Experience are Prerequisites for Statewide Executive Offices

Aaron Ford describes the job of the attorney general as pursuing justice for all Nevadans.

“Whether a person has lived here for three months, three years or three generations, you are part of the Nevada family,” he said.

It’s an apt statement because in his first term as Nevada’s attorney general, Ford defended Nevadans as though he was defending members of his own family. He went after pharmaceutical companies that fueled the opioid epidemic, recovering more than $300 million in settlements for families whose lives were turned upside down by opioids.

In just four short years, Ford cleared a 30-year backlog of untested rape kits that no attorney general — Democrat or Republican — had been able to make meaningful progress on. This is a powerful statement on his dedication to helping victims of crime get justice.

And he worked directly with law enforcement and activists alike to reach compromise on meaningful police reform to improve police relationships with the communities they serve while maintaining strong support from more than a dozen different law enforcement organizations and associations.

Ford has been so effective that he earned the endorsement of multiple leaders in the Republican Party as well as law enforcement bodies.

Meanwhile, his opponent, Sigal Chattah, is running to be the state’s top law enforcement officer despite having no respect for the law. She blatantly flaunts election laws in her calls to install Donald Trump as president of the United States. She discusses prosecuting women who seek abortions by charging them with murder. In what was perhaps the most disgusting and abhorrent statement of the entire election cycle, she joked about lynching Ford, a Black man.

In no rational world would we trust Chattah to serve in the state’s top law enforcement position. Ford has proven that he will serve the interests of all Nevadans with incredible efficiency and effectiveness.

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