Aaron D. Ford is a former educator, an experienced attorney, and a dedicated public servant.

Meet Aaron

As Nevada’s People’s Attorney and Top Law Enforcement Officer, Attorney General Aaron Ford believes there is no task greater than the pursuit of justice. Under his leadership, the Nevada Attorney General’s Office has proven there is no criminal too ruthless and no corporation too powerful to take on if they are hurting Nevadan.

From passing bipartisan legislation to protect communities and law enforcement alike, to landing over $300M in historic settlements suing opioid manufacturers, pushing for common-sense gun safety laws, and safeguarding access to abortion in Nevada – Ford’s leadership has drawn praise from folks across the political spectrum. The Nevada Sun wrote that Ford “served the state well during the pandemic [and] sees no reason to abandon his leadership now.”

Aaron's Story

Aaron is a former educator, an experienced attorney, and a dedicated public servant. Aaron was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, the oldest of three sons. His father, Larry, was a produce worker at a Safeway Grocery Store and his mother, Denise, worked various jobs during Aaron’s youth. Though his parents worked hard, Aaron and his family spent many nights wondering if the gas, electricity and water would turn on the next day. This humble beginning instilled in Aaron early on the drive and commitment to create a brighter future for himself and to give back to his community.

After Aaron’s parents divorced, his mom told him that he would have to be “the man of the house,” requiring him to look after his siblings while his mom worked nights. His mom also insisted, however, that he study hard and be the best student he could be. So, in 1987, Aaron’s mom signed him up for “Project Upward Bound,” a Saturday-school and summer program dedicated to helping students who could be the first in their family to graduate from college.

With encouragement and guidance, Aaron put his head in the books (as his mom and stepdad like to say) and ultimately received a scholarship to Texas A&M University. Aaron would go on to earn five degrees, which include his law degree and Ph.D. in Educational Administration from The Ohio State University, as well as degrees in interdisciplinary studies, international education, and educational administration.

Ford previously served as both the Majority Leader and the Minority Leader in the Nevada State Legislature and held leadership roles on several legislative committees. He also spent many years in private practice as a partner at both Snell & Wilmer LLP and Eglet Adams in Las Vegas. Before practicing law, Ford served as a public school math teacher, shaping hundreds of lives.

As the chief law enforcement officer for the state, Ford’s goal continues to be helping to protect Nevada families. Under his direction, Ford’s office has made protecting consumers from fraud, scams, and anti-competitive activity a top priority. During his tenure in office, Ford’s Bureau of Consumer Protection secured over $300 million in recoveries on behalf of Nevada consumers. 

Consistent with his commitment to help Nevada families, Ford has aggressively pursued those responsible for fueling Nevada’s opioid crisis. He is proud to have obtained the State’s first settlement of $45 million on behalf of countless Nevada families who have lost relatives to opioid abuse.

Today, Aaron lives in Las Vegas with his family. Aaron and his wife, Berna, have been happily married for over 20 years. They live in Las Vegas, Nevada, where they are raising three sons – Avery, Aaron II, and Alexander – and their nephew, Devin.