Stopping illegal trafficking and organized criminal organizations

One of the most important causes of our time is ending human trafficking. Nevada has one of the highest rates of human trafficking in the world – and Attorney General Ford’s office has made fighting this horrible crime a top priority by taking on transnational criminal organizations that traffic in guns, drugs, and people.

Illegal trafficking often disproportionately impacts the most vulnerable members of our society, compounding on other systemic injustices. That’s why Attorney General Ford’s office has been relentless in pursuing anti-trafficking efforts, holding perpetrators accountable, and enacting proactive anti-trafficking responses. He’s working with law enforcement to expand programs that support victims of crime, and he’s committed to finding bipartisan solutions rooted in interstate and international collaboration in order to tackle criminal trends.

In Nevada, Attorney General Ford is doing the work to build a strong foundation to fight this crime. With continued bipartisan support, he is confident that Nevada will continue to be a leader in the effort to rid the world of the exploitation of human beings for profit.