Protecting Workers’ Rights

Nevada workers are the backbone of our economy, and Attorney General Ford has been proud to stand up for them and ensure that they receive all the protections they are entitled to under Nevada law.

Attorney General Ford believes that “workers’ rights” isn’t complicated: It’s the belief that basic protections – like the 40 hour workweek, paid leave, health care protections, and a voice in your workplace – should be strengthened, not eroded. That’s why he has vigorously defended the right to organize, the ability to receive fair wages and benefits, and the right of union members to do their jobs in safe working conditions. It’s also why he has worked with the labor commissioner to fight wage theft and worker misclassification and to combat sexual harassment in the workplace.

Throughout Attorney General Ford’s career in public service, he has been a staunch supporter of unions. That’s why Nevada’s biggest unions are supporting his re-election campaign, just as they’ve always supported him before. As long as Attorney General Ford is in office, Nevada working families can rest easy knowing they have an advocate in office, boosting workers’ protections.