Protecting reproductive freedom and access to health care

In June 2022, the Supreme Court attacked the essential freedoms of millions of Nevadans and Americans by taking away the constitutional right to abortion. But Attorney General Ford has been clear about his stance: Abortion is health care – and Americans have gone from the freedom to choose to government-mandated pregnancies. Now, Attorneys General like Aaron Ford in purple states like Nevada have become one of the last lines of defense in protecting abortion access.

Attorney General Ford will always uphold the fullest scope of Nevada’s state statute protecting access to abortion – but an anti-abortion Attorney General could severely limit the statute’s scope. A federal ban on abortion could supersede Nevada’s state law; and across the country, states have already passxed bills restricting choice.

Attorney General Ford is the only candidate in his race who has always stood up for and defended the right to choose – and he’s not backing down now.