Ending Gun Violence

Throughout his career, Attorney General Aaron Ford has been undeterred in his fight to keep Nevada’s families safe from gun violence. As both a state legislator and now as attorney general, he has consistently taken critical steps to strengthen Nevada’s gun laws and to bolster public safety.

Since Attorney General Ford rose to his current rank in 2019, he has led the charge to keep Nevadans safe by working to close the state’s gun show loophole. He has also led the fight to keep unserialized, untraceable ghost guns off the street and to enact bans on bump stocks and silencers like the ones used in the 2017 mass shooting at the Route 91 Music Festival in Las Vegas. Attorney General Ford knows that unchecked guns can cause a serious threat to members of law enforcement, and he has worked with Governor Sisolak to expand Nevada’s background checks to include private party sales. He also supports increasing funding for lifesaving research into the root causes and impacts of gun violence.