Las Vegas Weekly Endorsement

Aaron Ford (Incumbent) — ✓ Endorsed

The former Majority and Minority Leader in the Nevada state legislature, Aaron Ford formed relationships with government, business and community stakeholders that have allowed him to become one of the most effective Attorney Generals in state history.

Ford describes the job of the Attorney General as pursuing justice for all Nevadans. “Whether a person has lived here for three months, three years, or three generations,” Ford says, “you are part of the Nevada family.”

Under his direction, the AG’s office secured more than $85 million in consumer protection recoveries and nearly $300 million in settlements on behalf of families who suffered due to the pharmaceutical company-fueled opioid epidemic. If reelected, he plans to immediately introduce a bill draft request to help stop the flow of fentanyl into Nevada communities and prosecute those manufacturing or transporting the dangerous drug in our state.

Ford has also made unprecedented progress in catching up on Nevada’s backlog of nearly 8,000 previously untested rape kits and convened summits to address the state’s crisis of human trafficking.

While tough on crime, Ford is also a staunch defender of civil and constitutional rights. He has pledged not to share information about or engage in prosecution of women who travel to Nevada seeking an abortion. He has also implemented police reforms that ban chokeholds and crack down on officers with a track record of misconduct being transferred and passed around the state. And Ford successfully passed two bills to limit the use of no-knock warrants and authorize the AG’s office to conduct patterns-or-practices investigations to improve relationships between police and communities.

Ford has earned endorsements from more than a dozen different law enforcement organizations and associations and also earned the endorsement of multiple leaders in the Republican party, including Michael Roberson, the former Republican Leader of the Nevada State Senate; Amy Tarkanian, the former Chair of the Nevada State GOP; and former Congressman Jon Porter.

Ford is an excellent attorney and legal advisor. But more importantly he is an excellent relationship builder who has earned the respect of Nevadans of all backgrounds and stripes. We are proud to offer our endorsement.

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